Adoption Attorneys in Broward

Becoming a parent is one of the most fulfilling life experiences. Unfortunately, some times married couples, and singles as well, fervently desire to become parents, but are unable to do so on their own. In other instances, many couples and singles with children find it enriching to bring a child without a permanent home into a loving family. Regardless of the reasons, Alspector Family Law can assist you in the dream of becoming a parent, or becoming a parent again. Adoption laws are complex and we have the experience and resources to meet any particular and unusual challenges associated with adopting a child, including formulating the adoption plan and coordinating the home study as part of the adoption process. At Alspector Family Law, we also handle other types of adoption possibilities, including:

Step-parent Adoption:

When a couple marries, one spouse may wish to adopt the children of the other spouse. If the child already has two parents, the child’s other parent must first relinquish his or her rights through a legal process known as “termination of parental rights.” In termination cases, it is usually necessary to prove that a parent, by virtue of his or her past behavior of financial or emotional abandonment, has demonstrated a relinquishment of rights to participate in the child’s life. Some times, termination proceedings are unnecessary. When an individual with a child re-marries after the death of the other parent, or if the other parent consents to the adoption, then step-parent adoptions are relatively straightforward.

Relative Adoption:

When the biological parents of a child are unable to or disinterested in providing emotional and financial support, a close relative, such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother or sister, may seek to adopt a child. If the biological parents consent, the process is usually uncomplicated. However, absent consent of the biological parents, financial or emotional abandonment of the child may provide a legal basis for termination of the biological parents’ rights.


Readoption is the legal process of adopting a child again in the United States, after the child has already been lawfully adopted in another country. Some couples or singles choose to adopt a foreign-born child. Often, adoptions of these children take place outside of the United States and are governed by the laws of the country of the adoptive child. If the child is brought into the United States with certain immigration papers, readoption is required to confer citizenship. Even in cases where an adoption under Florida law is not required, it may make sense to seek readoption in the United States, especially in cases where the countries of origin are politically unstable. By pursuing readoption in Florida, the Florida Department of Vital Statistics will issue the appropriate papers to confirm legitimization of the foreign adoption under State law.

We encourage you to contact the professionals at Alspector Family Law so that we may help you to evaluate adoption possibilities for your individual situation.