Sometimes obtaining an agreement or court order is not enough. Simply because a piece of paper exists requiring a party to pay or to act in a certain manner, this does not mean that he or she will. At Alspector Family Law, we believe that obtaining an agreement or court order is not enough if our clients cannot obtain the other party’s compliance with it.

We utilize various legal remedies to obtain payment of delinquent alimony or child support. These usually include contempt proceedings wherein the disobeying party can be incarcerated until compliance with his or her financial obligations. Other remedies for enforcement include levying against bank accounts, attaching property, imposing injunctions to freeze monies and obtaining compliance through third parties with whom the noncompliant party transacts business.

In cases involving time-sharing, the parties may have entered into a parenting plan, but the plan is not adequately crafted to account for unanticipated situations or perhaps even the undisguised refusal of a party to comply. For example, a party may frustrate travel arrangements or leave the aggrieved party to celebrate occasions without his or her children. In these cases, swift and repeated enforcement is usually necessary. Sanctions often include makeup time-sharing, fines and attorney’s fee awards in favor of the party required to resort to litigation to enforce his or her parental rights.

At Alspector Family Law, we know that obtaining the signature of the other party on a legal document, or by a Judge on a court order, does not always end the litigation. We follow through on what we helped you to start, or pursue avenues where others have not, to obtain results for you, whether it be for payment of support, enforcement of time with your children, or vindication of any other right already granted to you by virtue of a legal document.